Winston Quinn ‘Dry Cut’ Gin



Roll up the jeans and get your feet wet in this extremely approachable gin. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, Dry Cut Gin just fits. A uniquely modern dry gin with a balanced punch of citrus that is a nod to the Australian climate. We use fresh lemon and orange rind, lemon myrtle and a selection of five other botanicals to create a gin that sits comfortably in tonic or naked with soda.

For the best G&T experience, we’ll include in the pack two bottles of Long-Rays Tonic (low in sugar and made locally from native Australian ingredients), as well as three carefully selected garnishes to really highlight the flavor notes of this tasty gin: orange, rosemary and lemon slices.

40% ABV , 00ml

Each gift box includes:
– 700ml bottle of Winston Quinn ‘Dry Cut’ Gin
– 2x 275ml bottles of Long-Rays Tonic
– A hand picked selection of garnishes