Gin Tasting : NEW WAVE



Enjoy three modern style Gin, with premium Tonic and garnishes to match.

– Cross Keys Gin // Region: Latvia // ABV: 47% // Vol: 30ml // Standard Drinks: 1 // Notes: a gin that originates in Latvia, 100miles from Berlin. Thanks to the short Northern summers, the botanicals used in this gin (rosemary, linden blossom, and chamomile) are of great intensity in flavors. A delicate and floral gin.

– Hendricks Gin // Region: Scotland // ABV: 41.4% // Vol: 30ml // Standard Drinks: 1.1 // Notes: a gin that challenged the traditional London Dry style, by adding post distillation Bulgarian Roses and cucumber… For over 20 years a staple around the best bars in the world, for a good reason!

– Death’s Door Gin // Region: America // ABV: 47% // Vol: 30ml // Standard Drinks: 1.3 // Notes: a gin named after the body of water that separates Door County peninsula and Washington Island, this gin has simplicity at its very core, using only three botanicals (all wild grown on the island) – juniper berries, coriander, and fennel. Simplicity at its best!