Ferdinand’s Quince Gin


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Ferdinand’s Quince Gin is a beautiful take on a sloe gin, using quince instead of sloe berries macerated in the flagship Riesling infused Ferdinand’s Gin. Pear (muscat) quinces are used for their increased sweetness, they are macerated in the Ferdinand’s Gin for 3 months. Once the maceration is finished, the end produced is sweetened with some quince juice.

For the best G&T experience, we’ll include in the pack two bottles of Long-Rays Tonic (low in sugar and made locally from native Australian ingredients), as well as three carefully selected garnishes to really highlight the flavor notes of this tasty gin: peppercorns, dehydrated apple slices and lemon.

30% ABV , 750ml

Each gift box includes:
– 750ml bottle of Ferdinand’s Quince Gin
– 2x 275ml bottles of Long-Rays Tonic
– A hand picked selection of garnishes