Elephant Gin ‘Elephant Strength’ Gin


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The Elephant Strength (Navy Strength) is latest addition to the Elephant Gin family. Whilst the Elephant London Dry Gin and Elephant Strength Gin share the same fourteen botanicals (including rare African ingredients, to create their distinctive flavour profile), the latter uses twice the quantity of botanicals and has an ABV of 57%. The botanical focus is also specifically centered around juniper, orange peel, mountain pine and African buchu, with its blackcurrant-like flavor profile.

For the best G&T experience, we’ll include in the pack two bottles of Long-Rays Tonic (low in sugar and made locally from native Australian ingredients), as well as three carefully selected garnishes to really highlight the flavor notes of this tasty gin: orange slices, pepper berries, and rosemary.

57% ABV , 700ml

Each gift box includes:
– 700ml bottle of Elephant Navy Strength Gin
– 2x 275ml bottles of Long-Rays Tonic
– A hand picked selection of garnishes